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Why Use Addrexx?

  • eCommerce

    Addrexx understands eCommerce. We increase conversions, solve shipping issues including reduce address correction fees and improve customer experience.

  • Contact Centers

    The most intuitive easy to use autofill and validation solution for Contact Centers. Addrexx will improve data quality, reduce handle times and increase customer satisfaction.

  • SalesForce

    Solve data quality issues with the only address validation solution that your sales and customer service teams will love.

Address Verification with Autocomplete

Autocomplete Zip, City, State

Autocomplete Street Address

Autocomplete Apt / Suite

What Feature Can Addrexx Provide?

Addrexx uses the most accurate address verification engine on the planet. We provide more tools for solving address validation issues than any other solution. We guarantee that we can solve your challenges!

Reduce Keystrokes by 80%

Reduce the keystrokes to enter customer information by 80%.

Validate Names

Autocomplete and validate first and last names.

Validate Addresses

Validate address down to the apartment / suite level.

Restrict Shipments to PO Boxes

Simply flip a switch and Addrexx will stop shipments to PO Boxes

Global Address Validation

Validate addresses to 200+ countries throughout the world.

Autocomplete Addresses

Autocomplete the entry of all customer information including names and apartments.

Residential vs Commercial

Reduce shippping cost by determining if an address is residential or commercial.

And More …

Speed Entry on Mobile Checkouts – Add Zip+4 – Validate Names – Capitalize Address – Add Apartment When Required – Compatible with One Page Checkouts

Which Platforms Can Use Addrexx?

A complete solution for solving address validation challenges on any platform.

Woo Commerce

Address Verification for eCommerce

We Solve More Challenges Than Any Solution

  • Increase Conversions

    Speeding customer through the checkout process is a proven method of increasing conversion. Addrexx gets customers through the checkout process 30 seconds faster and increases conversion by up to 15%.

  • Lower Shipping Costs

    Reduce address correction fees. Stop returned deliveries and lost shipments.

    Restrict shipment to PO Boxes. Insure customers receive time sensitive items on the first try.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    Provide the best checkout experience possible especially on mobile devices. Customers love the ease with which they can complete shipping and billing information.

Address Verification for Contact Center

Increase All Performance Metrics

  • Reduce Call Times

    Shorten call times by 30 seconds. Improve customer satisfaction ratings and reduce employee fatigue.

  • Reduce Keystrokes by 80%

    Enter a complete address with as few as five keystrokes.

  • Improve Data Quality

    Validate names and addresses at point of entry. Only Addrexx validates adddresses at the apt/suite level.

Address Verification for Salesforce

Built for Salesforce

  • Easy Integration

    Natively integrate with standard and custom objects. Optimized for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

    Addrexx provides integration support and customization.

  • Autocomplete

    Only Addrexx autocompletes addresses down to the apartment or suite level. Absolutely no training is required – superior user interface. More features than any other solution.

  • Solve Data Issues

    Addrexx uses our “in house” data validation engine to insure accurate date enters your Salesforce org. Our validation engine is ranked #1 in side by side testing.

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